Nintendo's 1982 Popeye
Well, blow me down! You're Popeye the sailor man, and as the song goes, by eatingsk your spinachk, you'll be strongs to the finichk.

Popeye is a typical platform game, where you control Popeye, and must run around catchingsk variousk objectsk (sorry, talking like Popeye is habit forming) thrown down by your girlfriend Olive Oyl. In the first level - it's hearts, in the second - musical notes, and in the third - the letters H, E, L, P. Catch enough of the objects, and move onto the next level.

Of course, Brutus (or Bluto, I could never keep that straight) is chasing after you the whole time, trying to knock you off the platforms, and throwing beer bottles at you. Also getting in Popeye's way are the Sea Hag (who also throws bottles) and her pet vulture. Popeye's pals Swee' Pea and Wimpy make an appearance, but they're more set decoration than any actual help. Fortunately, Popeye can grab a can of spinach for that famous extra boost of power. The spinach appears at different locations, and can only be used once per level. Once Popeye eats the spinach, he gains super speed and invulnerability for a few seconds, which is a good time to put a hurt on Brutus, and pick up as many objects as possible.

Missing Ingrediminsk

Digitized audio. Popeye is a pretty good game, with outstanding cartoon graphics and decent music. But it really lacks that extra punch that Popeye's unique voice would have added.

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