Sega/Gremlin's 1981 Space Fury

"So... a creature for my amusement. Prepare for battle!"

And it's on! Not since Gorf has a video game taken so much apparent pleasure in belittling a player about to meet his/her doom.

Space Fury takes the typical Asteroids formula, dresses it up with colorful graphics, some extra weaponry, and a lightbulb-headed alien with an attitude. You're assaulted by an odd-looking assortment of enemy spacecraft that join together, and form larger attack craft that will shoot and fly right at you. You need to blast them before they can form up, or make with the evasive maneuvers.

If you can wipe out an attack wave before the timer counts down, you can earn bonus points. Between waves, you can dock with various weapons platforms that give you more firepower (some of which are more useful than others).

At the end of the game, the alien, who has been taunting you throughout, lets you know what he thinks of your ability. I still remember back in high school when a girl got upset at the game after it called her "easy".

Missing Ingredient

The chance to get direct revenge on old lightbulb-head. Space Fury only has a few different ship types, and while the different weapons add some variety, the gameplay never really changes much. Although the game is very challenging, and the alien is entertaining enough to keep you coming back for a few games, once you've heard all he's got to say, there's not much else to do. A chance to go one-on-one with the alien and shut him up for good would have been a goal worth playing for.

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