Nichibutsu's 1981 Frisky Tom

Keep the water flowing. You, presumably someone named Tom, are presented with a maze of pipes that connects a large water tank to a strange woman's shower. When the large tank runs dry and you've filled the woman's shower you are greeted with a short animation of the smiling woman in a bubbly tub. Out to spoil your voyeuristic fantasies are a gang of mice who do everything within their powers to ruin your day. Sabotaging plumbing joints, hurtling themselves at you Kamikazee-style, and setting time bombs are all commonplace activities for the mice.

Missing Ingredient

More precise control. Tom moves painfully slow. His speed combined with the irregular layout of the plumbing can make controlling Tom an exercise in patience. To help complicate matters, Tom can sometimes bridge small gaps in the pipes when he climbs. While this may sound like a convenience it's not always evident where the climbable sections are and this can lead to frustration and frequent dead-ends.

If it's your first time playing Frisky Tom, beware the purple mice! Without notice they can hurl themselves at you like a guided mouse-ile. It's not uncommon to be taken out by one of these kamikazee rodents before Tom has moved even a single step.

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