Exidy's 1983 Victory

Defender meets Omega Race, with a little Scramble and Gravitar thrown in for good measure.

You fly above the surface of an enemy planet in your Battlestar, blowing up everything in sight. A Defender-like radar screen shows you where the enemies are, but unlike Defender, there are no humanoids to rescue here. Just enemy space ships, laser cannons, missiles, and everything that comes with them. The enemies are also dropping paratroopers to the surface, which will release Quarks from underground bunkers if not stopped. The more Quarks you can keep locked up, the more bonus points you'll gain after each wave.

With a control scheme similar to Omega race (spinner for rotation, and thrust and fire buttons) the controls are highly responsive. Perhaps a little too much so. Momentum can easily send you crashing into the side of a mountain, especially when you're trying to refuel in a hurry. And more likely than not - you will have to refuel in a hurry!

You also have Shields and a Doomsday button at your disposal. Shields will stay on when activated, protecting you for several seconds, and the Doomsday button will use lasers to instantly zap everything on the screen.

Missing Ingredient

Not much. Maybe an easier first wave or two, since adapting to the almost-twitchy responsiveness of the ship takes some time. Novice players would probably go through a pocket full of quarters before really getting the hang of it.

Still, Exidy took a huge leap over some of their previous games with Victory. It's a first-rate shooter, once you learn how to stop crashing into things.

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