Sega's 1984 Future Spy
Designed as a replacement kit for older Zaxxon machines, Future Spy features the same 3D perspective and overall gameplay as Zaxxon. But instead of flying through space and over space fortresses this game features present day environments. It also improves on Zaxxon's confusing altitude dependant targets by keeping all the action on a single level. Some cool features include gas-filled exploding blimps, night vision spotlights, air-to-sea torpedos, and possibly the coolest 8-bit representation of an F-4 Phantom ever drawn.
Missing Ingredient
An appropriate name. This game misses both the "future" and "spy" themes by a few hundred knots. Maybe if the game featured a time warp feature (Time Pilot) where you could do battle in different time zones it would have been more appropriate. It does have a cool, neon storm cloud that swallows up your plane to warp you to the next level. But even the cloud was never really explained well.

Maybe if the game offered the ability to fly your craft in stealth mode and take pictures of enemy installations below (or some similar spy themed activity) it would have made more sense. But your mission, should you choose to accept it, is just blow some stuff up.

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