Midway's 1978 Sea Wolf II

You're a submarine commander out to sink enemy ships. Peering through a periscope, you move crosshairs back and forth, shooting up to four torpedoes at a time, trying to sink everything from fast-moving destroyers, to hulking aircraft carriers, to elusive submarines.

Every fourth torpedo, you have to pause while your crew reloads. Unfortunately in MAME, neither the torpedo counter nor the "Reload" indicator are currently displayed, since those were illuminated inside of the game's periscopes.

Getting in your way are floating mines. These block your shots, and give you no points in return. So what's the problem, if they can't hurt you? Well, this is a timed game. So every shot counts when trying to beat your opponent.

The key to scoring big in this game is accuracy. If you can shoot four ships in a row without a miss, you gain bonus points. Nailing the elusive Super Sub is worth big points too. Scoring enough points will extend your playing time.

Missing Ingredient

Sea Wolf II was a one or two-player sequel to Sea Wolf. Unfortunately, a lot of the effort in creating a two-player version was wasted. In the two-player game, both players are shooting at the same targets. While it's still an enjoyable enough game, what would have made this a great game was true head-to-head play, where each player had to shoot only the other player's ships. Since the ships and player scores are already red and yellow, this should have been easy enough to do. Then the black Super Sub bonuses could have gone to whoever was the quickest shot.

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