Sun Electronic's 1984 Pettan Pyuu

You're a bow-tie wearin', top-hatted trash can lookin' for love. Out to spoil your quest for romance are green worms, blue two-legged spiders, and a fireball.

You roam around a playfield made of squares that flip over. Black ones flip over and become gray. Light gray ones just stay put, but dark gray ones will flip over every time you go over them. There are also doors which you can knock over, and have them spring back up with the press of a button. The doors are the key to this whole game.

Your goal is to get rid of all of the pests on the playfield. To do this, you can either flatten them under a door, or flip them off of the playfield using the door as a catapult. You can also use the squares to flip them underneath the playfield, but they'll come back to the top side once they reach the edge.

After you're out there for awhile, a lady trash can (Ms. Pettan Pyuu, I presume), comes out and runs around. If you can catch her, you'll take her in tow and can rack up some extra points. If you take too long to clear a level, a fireball will come out and chase you.

You can die by being touched by any of the enemies, or by accidentally flipping yourself off of the playfield with one of the doors. The doors also work defensively though, since you can use them to jump over enemies or block their paths.

Missing Ingredient

An English version. Pettan Pyuu was apparently released only in Japan. It's really too bad that it was never licensed for other countries, because it probably would have caught on pretty well. Fortunately, the game has graphical onscreen instructions so you don't need to be able to read Japanese to enjoy it in MAME.

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