Taito's 1982 Time Tunnel

Control your time travelling locomotive forward and backward down the tracks. Temporarily change the track direction at the junction points by pressing and holding the button. Hook up with all the train cars in the first level then enter the time tunnel to transport your completed choo-choo from the green, rolling country sides to the strange, futuristic, floating city. Once in the city stop at all the train stations to pick up the passengers. Then with a full cargo of future folk, chug through the time tunnel once more to dump your riders on the moon. Sound easy enough? That's probably because I neglected to tell you that your train sucks down more fuel than a '78 Chevy Nova, or the evil caterpillar train that's hell bent on your destruction, the slow grazing cows, or other random threats that are scattered around in an effort to derail your game.

Missing Ingredient

Less is more. At its core Time Tunnel is a fun game that forces you to employ an amount of strategy in predicting where on the tracks you will encounter obstructions, then quickly customize the track's traffic flow to minimize the threat to your train. Anything that stays on the track and obeys those rules, like the evil caterpillar train, works well with this formula. Even the hungry cows aren't too bad because they move slow enough for you to predict their placement on the tracks ahead. But when the randomly placed mad electric clouds and weird robot things are introduced into the mix things get a little frustrating. And while the game does a nice job of breaking up the monotony by adding multiple screens, the strange time travel theme prevents this game from ever really reaching its destination.

Thanks to Jeffrey Carl at ServInt for providing the space for CinemArcade


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