Universal's 1980 Cheeky Mouse
You've got mice in your attic - hundreds of them. And they're crawling down your walls, chewing through your floor, and stealing cheese from your mouse traps. So what are you going to do about it?

Beat them all to death with a mallet!

Not since an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus has someone so gleefully pounded little rodents to death with a large mallet. Your character obviously loves his predicament, since he's smiling throughout the whole ordeal. Perhaps this twisted psychopath actually breeds the mice in his attic for this very purpose. We may never know.

You have to stop the mice from stealing all of your cheese. You can pound them to death as they're digging into the floor, or when they're on their way back out. They always come through the same hole they dug, so you can lie in wait for them... savoring the moment when they poke their unsuspecting little craniums back up through the hole... then WHAMMO! Oh yeah!

If they get to all of the cheese - you fall into the basement and lose a life. Also, there's a pest that appears once in awhile that can kill you if it touches you, so you have to whack it just right. (It looks like a Space Invader that was run over by a truck - so it's a little out of place in this game.)

Missing Ingredient

Real mallets! They should have come up with a way for the game to track your movements while you beat on the control panel with a big, heavy mallet. Sort of like a light gun. But a mallet. How satisfying would that have been?

Since the emulation for Cheeky Mouse in MAME isn't complete, it's hard to know what sounds were present. But adding a helpless little "eep" as a mouse met its doom would have helped, too.

Thanks to Jeffrey Carl at ServInt for providing the space for CinemArcade


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