Gottlieb's 1982 Reactor
Somehow, you got trapped inside a nuclear reactor. If that wasn't bad enough, it's an unstable reactor, and you have to try and cool it down before the core pushes you into the outer "kill walls". To do this, you must use a trackball to try and smash atomic particles into two sets of control rods. If you knock in either set of rods, the core shrinks and the reactor cools down. For a moment...

Sounds easy enough, but the particles are aggressive, and the game requires very precise control. If you use the energy button to kick the particles away from you - you go flying in the opposite direction. Fortunately, you can leave decoys behind to lure the little buggers away from you, and into the kill walls or bonus chambers for extra points.

Reactor was written by Tim Skelly (of Star Castle fame), and has great graphics, addictive gameplay and killer music. The attract mode has excellent instructions, something sorely lacking from most games.

Missing Ingredient

Space Aliens. Let's face it - nuclear physics was a bit "out there" for most gamers. If they would have set this in the nuclear reactor of a space station being threatened by aliens, maybe it would have been more accessible.

Well... at least it would have been more violent.

Thanks to Jeffrey Carl at ServInt for providing the space for CinemArcade


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