Atari's 1977 Canyon Bomber

Bomb canyons.

Really, that's all there is to this game. One button, marked "bomb".

Outscore the computer, or a second player. If you miss too many times (I recommend setting it for 6 misses) the game is over. Not dropping a bomb during a pass counts as a miss. Blimps can destroy eight targets per bomb, biplanes can destroy four.

What's so appealing about Canyon Bomber, besides it's simplicity, is that it's almost maddeningly addictive in the tradition of the best puzzle games. Trying to clear out the entire canyon is quite a task, requiring patience, precision, and practice. Once it's clear, the canyon is refilled, and you get to start all over again. How many times can you clear it out before your game ends?

Missing Ingredient

Canyon Bomber was a pretty successful title for its time, but it was quickly forgotten when games like Space Invaders arrived. What it really needed was a sequel. One with color graphics, some control over altitude and speed, different canyon layouts, and most important - the ability to blow the other player out of the sky! After all, what's the point of dropping bombs, if you can't drop them on your friends?

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