Sega's 1984 SWAT
Many different gameplay elements come together in SWAT. In controlling your alien-space-cop-guy you have the typical move/shoot elements common to so many games. You also have the ability to shove blocks out of your way, reminiscent of Pengo. If the advancing blocks connect the top and bottom of the playfield all hell breaks loose. Varied aliens and time bombs complete the SWAT formula.

The first few times you play SWAT you may very well say to yourself, "what a lame videogame!" But a few dozen games later you'll realize there's something very addictive about this game. Throw in some tricky enemy artificial intelligence and some decent 8-bit renderings of colored, translucent blocks and you've got squat...umm...I mean SWAT.

Missing Ingredient
Cute, fuzzy characters. Maybe this game should have been called something like Pengo 2: Revenge of the SnoBees. After all it was another Sega game and it shared similar gameplay elements to Pengo. Just dump the space cop theme and replace it with the familiar Pengo lineup.

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