Namco's 1981 Bosconian

Fly through space. Blow up enemy space stations. It doesn't get much simpler than that!

Better still - Bosconian gives you TWO ways to blow 'em up. You can either shoot all six pods on the perimeter of each station (for maximum points), or you can fire a shot down the middle and nuke it Luke Skywalker style. A radar screen shows you where the nearest space station is - just be sure not to crash into any asteroids or strategically placed Cosmo-Mines along the way.

Bosconian is a first-rate shoot-'em-up that puts your ship in the center of the screen, and scrolls the action all around it. In a particularly smart (and seldom-seen) feature, the designers give your ship rear-firing guns so you can take out attack formations and Spy Ships that are on your tail. This is especially crucial during the dreaded "Condition Red" which happens when you take too long to finish a level.

Missing Ingredient

Better marketing. Bosconian sounds like some sort of drink mix, not a video game. Perhaps it was the name, perhaps it simply came out at a time when there were too many other games, but for whatever reason, it never got the recognition it deserved. Well, now's your chance to make things right! Blast off!

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