Bally/Midway's 1982 Robby Roto

This game is somewhat of a cross between 'Dig Dug' and 'Wizard of Wor'. Since it's from the makers of 'Wizard of Wor' this is understandable.

The object of the game is to dig through tunnels to reach your fellow "roto" miners trapped within the caves of the mine. On top of rescuing the three 'Roto' miners, you also need to grab the key to escape, plus any other goodies you can scavenge along the way(Jewels).

One of the cool aspects of this game is that as you find each miner, they attach to your 'Roto' making a little chain of people, depending on how many you try to save in one try, which you then must take to the exit and escape. Once you do, you return to the mine and have to rescue any remaining miners, if there are any.

If you find all three miners and get them out at the same time, which I constantly try to do but fail in the higher levels, you get more bonus points, but it is also harder to maneuver and escape the spiders and other monsters which lurk the tunnel paths.

If a spider touches one of your miners, they will grab him back from you and drag him off to another part of the maze, which you'll then end up having to go back and rescue once again. If a spider touches you, you instantly become stuck in it's web, and a giant bird comes and takes you away. Freaky....

You also get a 'magic spell' which basically freezes all the monsters in the mine for a limited time, thus enabling you to escape hairy situations.

Missing Ingredient

Some variations in the colors of the levels could've helped. It gets a little repetative seeing the same 'blue' color over and over again. Maybe changing the colors of the boards every three levels or so would've been nice.

Also, the enemy characters could've changed as you got to the higher levels. You're basically always running from spiders, the great big mouth and the 'Mummy' type character.

This game also would've definitely benefited from an on-screen map display of the board. It gets a little difficult moving around and not knowing where it is you're going, especially when the game picks up speed. And I don't think it would've taken away from the game itself because it's challenging enough as it is.

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