Atari's 1982 Black Widow
It's hard to believe but Atari actually produced a few games that didn't go on to become household names. Black Widow was one of those games.

You control a spider in the center of a web. It's your job to blast away the invading bugs with the twin joysticks. One for movement, one for your shots, just as in Robotron. Various bugs, bonus waves, impassible barriers, and self-destructing moths all keep this game from becoming boring and keep the action very intense.

With a Playstation-style controller (or dual joysticks if you're lucky enough) this game is still extremely playable in MAME.

Missing Ingredient
Your money! There's absolutely nothing wrong with this game. If you had just pumped enough quarters into this bad boy back in '82 it'd be on the Atari's Greatest Hits compilation today! It was the spider theme, wasn't it? You're afraid of spiders and this game frightened you back when you were a kid, didn't it? Wuss.

Shame on you for not doing your part.

Thanks to Jeffrey Carl at ServInt for providing the space for CinemArcade


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