Tehkan's 1983 Guzzler
Pac-Man with a twist. You control a little "guzzler" around a maze. The maze is littered with puddles of water that can be consumed by your guzzler. Just like a glass of water, your transparent guzzler shows you how much water he's packing by the visible water level. After refilling it's the job of the guzzler to go around the maze and extinguish all four of the flames present on each level. And just like ghosts in Pac-Man, each flame can spawn fiery enemies whose job it is to hunt you down. A well-placed blast of h2o can dampen the spirits of any approaching enemy.
Missing Ingredient
Originality. By 1983 the public was tiring of the Pac-Man formula. We had already played every variation on the theme from Pac-Man to Mouse Trap to K.C. Munchkin. The game does benefit from the history of the Pac-Man formula by leaving out unimportant details, expanding on successful gameplay aspects and adding some unique features. But different maze layouts, animated cutscenes and the opportunity to win a free game from a spinning wheel of guzzlers weren't enough to save this game from an overly saturated maze game market.

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