Rock-Ola's 1983 Levers
At first, Levers looks like Speed Coin - a game where you manipulate levers to roll a coin down the screen. But in this game, you're at the mercy of the levers, and everything that lands on them.

You're a gardener. Or something. Anyway, your goal is to rescue a bunch of flowers from a dragonfly that hovers around the screen. You use a 4-way joystick to jump around and move from lever to lever. You can't rescue a flower that the dragonfly has touched until it partially grows back, but you can scare off the dragonfly for a few seconds by running into it. If you rescue all the flowers, you move onto the next level. While all of this is going on, stuff is falling on you - giant marbles, little marbles and spikey things. If something lands on a lever you're on, it tosses you in the air. If a marble lands on you, it knocks you down to the next lever below. If you fall off the bottom of the screen, or if a spikey thing lands on you, you're dead.

Missing Ingredient
Better level design. Levers uses the same layout over and over again, just removing some of the levers to add a little variation between levels. By adding a lot more variety to the layout of the levels - changing the size and location of the levers, and adding some maze-like elements to deal with - Levers could have had more staying power.

Thanks to Jeffrey Carl at ServInt for providing the space for CinemArcade


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