Jaleco's 1985 City Connection
City Connection is a platform game with a slight twist. Instead of being a character that runs back and forth and jumps from level to level, you're driving a car that, well... drives back and forth and jumps from level to level. As you cover an area of the road, it changes color. Change the color of all of the roads, and you move onto the next level of the game, and the next city. Sounds familiar enough, but unlike other platform games - you can't come to a complete stop. Momentum adds a new wrinkle to an old formula.

Apparently, you're the bad guy, because your enemies are cops, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles. Lots of them. You can either just dodge them, or throw cans of oil at them which you collect as you drive around. When you hit them with the oil cans, they start spinning, and you can run them off the road for big points. You can pick off floating balloons for extra points, too.

Besides the enemy cars, there are spikes that will pop up if you stay on a platform too long, and an immobile, indestructible cat that just shows up in your path at random. Yep. A cat. A big one. With a checkered flag. No, I don't know why either.

Missing Ingredient
There are a couple, actually. One is a cohesive concept for the game. There's no real goal, other than completing each level. No timer counting down. Nothing. It would be nice to have a reason for running all of these cars off the road. Plus, the cat and balloon don't really fit in with the driving theme.

Another drawback though is the control. Jumping accurately is very frustrating. More often than not, you end up slamming into the bottom of another platform, instead of jumping up onto it. Also, about the only way to change the color at the very edge of a platform is to drive off of it, which leads to a lot more backtracking than should be necessary.

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