Namco's 1981 Warp & Warp
Kill or be killed. The first screen is a wide-open area where you must shoot the invading monsters. The second screen offers a little more challenge by arming your character with time-delay bombs inside a simple maze. A warp area is featured in the center of each screen that will flash after time indicating you can travel through it to the next screen.
Missing Ingredient
Challenge. The first screen is boring and easy. The only real challenge comes in trying to line up your shots on the invisible grid that controls where you can and cannot move. Warping to the second screen is where you'll have the most fun and challenge. The time-delay bombs that you use in the maze offers gameplay similar to a very early Bomberman. Perhaps if Namco expanded a little more on the action in the second screen by offering a limited number of bombs, better artificial intelligence for the attacking monsters or a more complex maze it would have been better. Although if they added that they'd have to rename it Bomberman.

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