Not Quite Dead Yet
I've uploaded the full-resoltion version of Arcade '84 to my Youtube channel. Arcade '84 was originally rendered at 640x480, 25fps and the video shared online since then was half-sized. Back then sharing video online was still new and that was actually a decent sized file. Now more than a decade later I've finally gone back to the original file and uploaded it in the original resolution. The files and software used to create Arcade '84 are now obsolete so this is the best it'll ever get. And I have to admit by today's standards it's pretty rough. The render looks very dated and the increased resolution only serves to point out the many flaws. Some flaws due to the render quality of the software, some due to my inexperience with using it. But it is what it is. I enjoyed creating it back then and I've enjoyed sharing it for more than a decade now.

You can view the full reolution version on my Youtube page.

It Lives! -Updated-
Update: The original has surfaced! View and download it here along with a behind the scenes description thanks to Jack Stratmeyer, the director of the original spot from 1974!

Unless you grew up in the Milwaukee area in the 70's, this image and movie will likely mean little to you. But for those of you who may have tuned into WVTV channel 18 to catch a late night monster movie or classic horror flick, you'll remember this classic opening sequence to Saturday Night At The Movies. After searching Youtube and the web for a grainy digital transfer from VHS, the only mention of it I even came across was from Milwaukee Horror Hosts. It's a great site that gives a very comprehensive history of the Milwaukee TV scene and included a single still image of the intro. This was enough inspiration for me to try and recreate the classic intro. I've made small changes to mine including offering it in HD.

See my recreation in the movies section and stills in the desktops area.

New Image
New Desktop image and poster. Still here. Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been busy with several paying gigs. But every now and then you have to make some time for some fun stuff. So what started as a diversion in 3D modeling after a night of watching old movies, could end up on your desktop...or on your walls! Enjoy.
New MAME Intro Movie
New MAME intro movie inspired by my brand new Devastator II controller from Treyonics! The movie features the various controls that are built into the unit then transitions into full 3D versions of classic games that use those controls. A closeup of the side flipper buttons transports you onto a virtual pinball playfield. The red button atop the left trigger-stick transitions into the revolving red eye of a Berzerk robot being hunted in the maze. The rotating spinner control spins you into a 3D version of the vector classic Omega Race. And zeroing in on the trackball gives you a panoramic view of the action in Missile Command.

In addition to the intro movies, I've added a few more desktops that feature scenes from the new movie.

Thanks to Jim Krych and the rest of the folks at Treyonics!

The final TGTTF entry has been added. This brings together a total of 74 games in the archive of little-known classic arcade games. Thanks to everyone who has submitted reviews! To help wrap-up TGTTF in style, Nathan Strum has worked hard to add a bunch of cool content to commemorate the final entry into the archive that will have a permanent home here at CinemArcade:

- 2 new movies have been added.

- 2 new desktops have been added.

- MacMAME TGTTF grouping file.

- Plus each TGTTF entry has been updated to include actual gameplay movies.

Rediscover them all again for the first time: The Games That Time Forgot. Thanks Nathan, great work!

New Icon Set
It's a rubber suit reptile roundup! Inspired by the pre-cable TV, late night creature features. They introduced a whole generation to the simple pleasures of watching anonymous Japanese actors crammed into heavy, rubber suits smashing tiny, detailed models of downtown Tokyo.

All those critters from the cheezy, 50's, 60's, & 70's monster movies have been assembled into one giant icon set. Well, most of 'em anyway. From the big guys like Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan & Mothra to the more obscure critters like Guilala, Gappa, Yog, Daimajin & Yongary.

Preview of the complete icon set click here.
Download the Mac icons here.
Download PC icons here. (PC conversion courtesy of Jason Sawtelle)

Thanks to Jeffrey Carl at ServInt for providing the space for CinemArcade


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